GCSE Exam Season 2019

The time is fast approaching for the formal GCSE examinations, there are only two weeks left until they begin. I would like to advise you of the mechanisms of support the academy is offering to all students.

By now your son/daughter should be revising at least 12-15 hours a week  independently outside of school time. In addition to personal revision at home, your son/daughter can access any of the following in the academy:

  • A quiet study room available at lunchtimes.
  • Personalised revision sessions during tutor time and lunchtimes.
  • Period 6 revision sessions.
  • Therapy and action packs with bespoke revision materials.
  • Saturday and Sunday schools prior to Maths and English exams

Research informs us that a well-organised revision timetable will help your son/daughter prepare effectively for their examinations and improve the grades they are likely to achieve in their subjects.

Weekends are a perfect opportunity for students to be revising for at least four hours per day which then allows time for relaxation. Ideally students should not study after 10pm in the evening as quality sleep is vital at this time, but it may be a good idea to limit time spent on social media.

Exam Timetable

The exam timetable can be found here. Please read carefully and note the start times of all examinations as punctuality is absolutely critical; if they are late they could be refused entrance to the examination. Please also note that failure to attend any examination will result in incurred charges of up to £45.00 per examination payable by you.

It is vital that the night before all examination students use their time at home to revise in preparation for their examination and they then have an early night. Students should not be out with friends or doing anything that will not help them succeed.

Finally we believe that the partnership approach that exists between home and school remains the key to our team’s success and will ensure the best outcomes for your son/daughter.

Please support us in ensuring that your child is fully prepared during this very important time.

Wingfield App

To help us help you please download the Wingfield App from the App / Play store.

With the app you:

  • Daily notifications regarding the following days exams, revision sessions, and other key dates / times.
  • Access to the Academy calendar
  • In the Information tab you can directly access timetables for:
    • Exams
    • Extra-Curricular activities
    • Period 6 / revision sessions.