8 days to go till the first English Literature exam!

English Literature Paper 1: Wednesday 15th May PM

Between now and then, students are expected to complete an absolute minimum of 4 hours of English literature work at home.

What does that look like?

1 hour (minimum) can be spent revising the plot, characters and themes of Macbeth and Frankenstein (BBC Bitesize, knowledge organisers).

3 hours (minimum) needs to be spent with practise questions for both texts. Students should be writing responses to questions in timed conditions (50 minutes per question or 1hr 45mins for a whole exam practice).

What can you do to help?

  • Remind students that they have all the resources necessary to be revising effectively over the next week.
  • Ask students to list the main characters, themes or a brief summary of the plot of each text.
  • Ask students to name three events in each text which present a theme they have mentioned (E.g. name three events which show guilt in Macbeth.)

Any question about your child’s English revision, please do not hesitate to contact Mrs Cohen: Head of English, or their class teacher for advise.

Many thanks for your ongoing support at home!