Wales Residential – Friday 24th May

Students taking part in the Wales Residential please arrive with luggage via the attendance office at 11.05am Friday 24th May.

If students want to arrive at normal time then this is fine but will need to be in full academy uniform and will need to take their luggage up to Miss O’Neill’s Room so this can be locked in the store room for safe keeping.

If your child is entitled to free school meals and would like a packed lunch provided on the 24th May please contact the Academy ASAP.

Emergency Contact Details

  • School mobile: 07792 841364
  • Reception telephone: 01352 811000
  • Address: Kingswood-Colomendy, Denbighshire, CH7 5LB
  • If any further information is required please do not hesitate to contact Miss J. O’Neill 01709 513002.

Thanks for your support.