Home Learning

Wingfield Academy Home Learning- Week beginning 20th April.

Firstly, we are really grateful to students, parents and teachers for approaching this new style of home learning with such enthusiasm. There were so many examples of great work from the last two weeks of the term, we look forward to sharing these achievements with you all following our Easter break. Keep an eye out for examples of your work / names on the website, and via social media.  Your efforts will be recognised with a certificate home and rewards will be provided on your return to the Academy.

Secondly, week commencing Monday 20th April all year groups will be set work via Google classroom. Google Classroom is where the class teacher will upload learning tasks, lesson resources, assignments and quiz assignments which are to be completed and sent back to the teacher by a certain date.

  • To access Google Classroom – please follow the ‘Google Classroom’ link on Wingfield Academy website or go direct to www.classroom.google.com
  • If your child has forgotten their password, please follow the ‘I’ve forgotten my password’ icon on the Wingfield Academy website and a member of the IT support team will email a replacement password.
  • In order for your young person to access the work set could you please support them by making sure they have joined each of their Google Classrooms.
  • If your child is unsure of their class codes, please ask them to email their teacher directly or contact office@wingfieldacademy.org

o   Class codes are available on the Academy website. Please clink on the class codes link and select the year and teacher for the access codes.

  • Students will return their work via Google Classroom and / or directly via email to their class teacher by a certain date. Parents will be contacted where deadlines are missed to ensure the progress of students is not affected.
  • Paper based learning packs have been delivered to those who requested, and follow the same structure/ format as Google Classroom.

Students will be set learning activities in a variety of ways, this could include:

  • New learning presented by – lesson slides, video clips, tutorials, blogs, step by step guides, knowledge organisers
  • Retrieval activities (building long term memory) – self quizzing, teacher quizzing, revision strategies
  • Google Classroom assignments –  extended pieces of writing which require completion by a set date
  • Completion of online tasks on Hegarty maths and Seneca
  • Individual student work sent through email – using student account

Teachers have been asked to set tasks for the lessons your young person would have within the Academy day, with tasks / activities / assignments taking no longer than 45 minutes – 1hr for each lesson: this is to help students to manage their work load from home within the hours of what would have been their school day. If you find your child/children are spending more time than is expected or are struggling to keep up, please let the relevant Year Team Leader know via email so that they can support.

Students would benefit from establishing working routines at home, with regular breaks. Please refer to our latest update – Home Learning – ‘what does this actually look like?’ for support and guidance on establishing routines.

Please select below to access home learning.


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