Google Classroom/Parent View

From Monday 20th April all year groups will be set work via Google classroom. Google Classroom is where the class teacher will upload learning tasks, lesson resources, assignments and quiz assignments which are to be completed and sent back to the teacher by a certain date.

  • To access Google Classroom – please follow the ‘Google Classroom’ link on Wingfield Academy website or go direct to
  • If your child has forgotten their password, please follow the ‘I’ve forgotten my password’ icon on the Wingfield Academy website and a member of the IT support team will email a replacement password.
  • In order for your young person to access the work set could you please support them by making sure they have joined each of their Google Classrooms.
  • If your child is unsure of their class codes, please ask them to email their teacher directly or contact

Please click the Google Classroom icon to access the google classroom 




  • You must access your Google Classroom as you would your normal timetable, ensuring that you follow the timings set by your class teachers
  • It is important that you are completing the learning tasks set prior to starting and submitting any assessed piece of work.
  • You will be expected to complete the weekly assessment, set by your class teachers, and submit these via google classroom prior to starting the next week’s work.
  • You will receive teacher feedback on any assessments submitted which you can then improve.

For those of us struggling with ‘Google Classroom’, please take a look at our helpful tutorial for a step by step guide. Everything from how to log on, to how to upload documents and return assignments.

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Google Classroom Parent View

You will receive an email from Google inviting you to join your child’s classes. This will be sent to the primary email address we have for you. Please check your junk/spam folder if you have not seen this.

  • Please accept the invite.
  • You should now start to receive weekly emails, which Google automatically sends Friday afternoon (normally).
  • The email will give you a summary of homework set, materials now available, discussions and extra resources for your child. It will also highlight the work that was handed in late or is yet to be completed (assuming your child remembered to ‘mark as done’ for each piece completed).
  • You can change your preference to daily emails if you so wish (there is a link within the weekly email).
  • Please be aware that as a parent you will not be able to see your child’s classes via the app, you will only receive an email. If you would like to see more, please ask your child to show you it once they have logged in.

Follow this link for more support on Google Classroom for parents;

Google Classroom Class codes are available below. Please select the picture to access the codes.

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