Headteacher Update Y10 19/05/2020

Please see below the latest update from the Headteacher (19/05/2020)

Letter from the Headteacher (19/5/2020

Letters from the Headteacher 15/5/2020

Letter from the Headteacher (Y10 Only)

Letter from the Headteacher (Y7/8/9 Only) 

Further Latest Updates

GCSE results 2020: A guide for parents

Year 11 Students Only  –Awarding Grades

We hope that you and your families are keeping well. We have just received information on how your grades are going to be awarded and wanted to share with you what we now know.

In short, Ofqual are asking each school to submit fair and objective predicted grades for each student in each course, and also to rank order, from highest to lowest, the performance of all students at the school within each subject.

For full details please see the letters below from the headteacher and from Ofqual.

Headteacher Letter

Information from Ofqual

Key information and FAQ’s 
Update 03/04/2020: How to claim free school meal voucher

The government has recently announced that every child eligible for benefits-related free school meals who is not attending school will be eligible to receive a food voucher.

If your child is eligible for free school meals you can now access an online portal from today using the email link sent to you  by the Academy. This has been set up in partnership with the Department for Education and Edenred UK for you to quickly and easily access the food vouchers. You will not be asked to pay for these vouchers, as costs will be met centrally .

Each voucher will be issued weekly with the first voucher available today Friday 3rd April. No vouchers will be issued during the Easter holidays, but will resume again week commencing  Monday 20th April.

Please note that vouchers may take up to 48 hours to arrive in your email account.

If you have still not received your voucher by this time:

Firstly, check your junk mail. If it still hasn’t arrived, please contact the academy on this email address freeschoolmeals@wingfieldacademy.org to ensure that we have your correct email address.

If necessary, the school administrator can cancel the previously sent eCode and resend to your correct email.

Parents can find more information about claiming their voucher via the following link:


Guidance for parents and carers: keeping children safe online and at home

The DFE  and RMBC have updated  information for parents and carers to include a section on keeping children safe online and at home. It provides links to online resources that will help support parents and carers in keeping their children safe online.

Full details can be found in section 6.3 of the guidance for parents and carers on the closure of educational settings:


Domestic Abuse RMBC

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