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Live Lessons via Google Classroom - Taking place from Monday 11th January


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Live lessons can be accessed through a mobile device, tablet/iPad, laptop, desktop PC and gaming console such as Xbox or PlayStation

How to access Live Lessons

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Step 1

Ensure your child has access to the Internet at home and make sure their device connects to the internet successfully. For Android Mobile/Tablet users please download Google Device Policy and run this first before installing Google Classroom

Step 2

visit classroom.google.com and log in to access Google classroom where your child will find all of their home learning. If your child needs their password resetting click here (contact will be made through the email address provided).

Video Guide

Accessing Google Classroom

Step 3

Once logged into Google Classroom your child should see all of their lessons, this will match their timetable. If your child is missing from any Google Classrooms click here to find the class codes and see video for further instruction

Video Guide

Joining a Google Classroom

Usefull Links

Joining a Class as a student

Step 4

Your child should follow their timetabled lessons. All Google Classrooms have the same layout. Home learning can be found by clicking on the tab labelled ‘classwork’, underneath the topic ‘This week’s Home Learning’. Ensure your child reads the description carefully that the teacher has written for each assignment.

Video Guide

Finding your home learning

Step 5

If your child needs support with the home learning tasks set they should contact their teacher directly

Video Guide

Emailing your teacher

Useful Links

Email of teacher

Step 6

Your child should be learning for 5 hours a day. If they complete all the work set on Google Classroom, use the links below to access enrichment activities. Google Classroom assignments set by the class teacher must be prioritised first including ILT.

Useful Links

Other Videos

Using a Playstation or Xbox to connect to Google Classroom Support Video

Click below image see support guide

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