KS3 Art

In Year 8 students and parents/carers meet with members of the Senior Leadership Team and make decisions on individual curriculum programmes to be experienced in Years 9-11. The guidance process includes references to students future aspirations, progress data and staff recommendations.

Year 7

  • Africa

    • ​looking at African artefacts and basing their work upon this. Also looking into the work of Artist Chris Ofili and producing a self portrait based upon his style.
  • Impressionism

    • looking at the impressionist Art movement and studying their use of colour then applying similar techniques in their own work.

Year 8

  • Day of The Dead

    • looking at the culture of the Mexican Day of the dead festival and producing 2D and 3D work based upon the style and meaning of the festival.
  • Observational drawing

    • drawing shells and designing and making a print based upon the natural patterns in shells
  • Cubism

    • looking at the cubist movement and creating a piece of work based upon that style

Year 9

  • Perspective and Surrealism

    • learning about the skills and techniques used in perspective drawing and then looking at the Surrealist Art movement and creating a piece of work based upon those two elements.
  • Pop Art

    • looking at the Pop Art movement and creating a self portrait  in the Pop Art style.