Key Stage 4

To be studied by students in the Academy from Years 9 – 11 (3 year programme) following curriculum programme ‘guidance’ in Year 8.


A large part of the curriculum is compulsory for all students but there is also an element which allows the Academy and students to shape learning programmes according to current areas of achievement, interests and future career aspirations.

At Wingfield we are determined to ensure this guidance process is a well informed and positive experience in order for the right decisions to be made. This publication is one of a range of strategies we use in order to support this aim. Other strategies that are used to inform the guidance process include student voice activities, use of progress data and staff subject recommendations. All learners and parent/carers are also invited to a guidance session with a Senior Leader in the Spring term of Year 8. This supports the construction of students individual Year 9-11 timetables. These are reviewed on the basis of learning and progress and may be ajusted during this period of study.

Whatever programme students eventually follow Wingfield staff in partnership with students and their parent/carers will encourage each individual young person to achieve his or her best personal growth and academic progress. Furthermore we will work together to nurture the development of engaged, happy and aspirational young adults who have the skills, character and qualities to progress with confidence into the wider adult world.

Qualifications in Key Stage 4

Students can study a range of qualifications. These can be experienced and achieved at:

To 2017 2018 and beyond
Level 2 A* - C 9 - 5
Level 1 D - G 4 - 1
Entry Level Pre GCSE level Pre GCSE level has more details on the National Qualifications Framework. This includes the change from grades to levels which will effect studnets currently in year 9 and younger. This information will be presented by the academy to parents / carers other the coming months.

A range of qualifications are currently available to ensure all students have access to a programme which suits their individual needs, interests and aspirations. These include two main types of qualifications.

A. General Certificate of Secondary Education (GCSE)

At 16 students are usually assessed in GCSEs. They are the main qualifications taken by 14-16 year olds. Assessment is mainly through examinations with an element of controlled assessment.

Grading’s are currently Level 1 to 2 on completion (1-9 or G-A*).

B. BTEC / OCR Nationals (see Sport, Performing Arts & Travel and Tourism)

These qualifications are designed to relate closely to vocational areas and develop skills and knowledge employers in these areas are looking for. They may suit you if you are interested in a particular career sector. Assessment is through a combination of coursework assignments and examination.

Grading’s are currently Distinction, Merit and Pass and can be achieved at Level 1 or Level 2.

Other Qualifications may include:

  • Functional Skills
    • Practical skills in English, Maths and ICT at Levels 1 and 2 (G-A*).
  • Entry Level Qualifications
    • Can be taken at a point where students are not ready for GCSE or BTEC Levels and 1/2 assessment. They can help develop more confidence, knowledge, skills and understanding before embarking on other programmes of study.
  • Vocational Qualifications
    • National Vocational Qualifications (NVQ’s) or City and Guilds awards are accessed by some students through offsite provision. This may be through College, training providers or work placed learning. Access to these experiences are based on availability and individual student application/recommendations e.g. Construction and Horticulture.

The Curriculum

This section outlines the ‘Core’ subjects and the ‘Guided’ subjects students may take beyond these.

The ‘Core’ Subjects

Every student will experience a CORE set of subjects.  These will be:

  • English
  • English Literature
  • Maths
  • Science (two qualifications usually Core and Additional Science)
  • Geography or History
  • Physical Education (PE)

This core group of subjects will provide each student with the opportunity to achieve SEVEN GCSE qualifications.

The ‘Guided’ Subjects

These will include:

  • Performing Arts
  • Music
  • Art
  • Technology (includes Resistant Materials & Graphics)
  • Food Studies
  • Triple Science (includes Biology, Physics & Chemistry)
  • Modern Foreign Languages (Spanish)

And may also include:

  • Computer Science
  • Religious Education
  • Health and Social Care
  • Travel & Tourism
  • Child Care
  • Other subject opportunities are under constant review.

Added to the 7 Core GCSE opportunities these 2 other subjects will allow students to access 9 GCSE qualifications.

  • Our curriculum will also provide structured learning opportunities to support Citizenship, Religious, Personal, Social, Health and Enterprise Education.

Students may also be guided to follow a Foundation Learning and Vocational Development programme.

  • Students study the Core.
  • Have one ‘Guided’ subject.
  • Students study extended Functional Skills in Numeracy, Literacy and ICT and experience some vocational areas including Childcare/Horticulture and Construction skills.

Work Related Learning

For some students the full range of choices may not be appropriate and alternative work related learning offers more positive potential for progression. These opportunities are dependent on availability through College and other agency provision on a year to year basis.

*Recommendation by the Academy and/or student application will lead to consideration of work related learning programmes.


  • Guided recommendations are made using knowledge of the students. This includes progress data from Key Stage2 to present as well as staff recommendations.
  • When considering guidance approach to learning indicators are also used.
  • Subject blocks are constructed to maximise the opportunity for students to secure the most appropriate subject combination. However, this is not always possible and as such it is recommended a ‘third’ or ‘reserve’ subject is also considered.

The Commitment to Learn

Hard work and a positive approach to learning both in the Academy and at home are essential ingredients in developing progress and supporting academic, personal and social aspirations.

A positive approach to learning is habit forming and many of you will recognise whether you have this or not now in your day to day experiences. You will see it through feedback in progress updates as well as feeling it in terms of your levels of personal satisfaction and achievement.

If you recognise improvements need to be made, then make them now. Begin your preparation for success immediately. The future brings the expectation of increase in workload, including Extended Learning tasks (ELT) and maturity of attitude towards learning and in your relationships.

Colleges of further education, universities and employers will all be impressed by students who have worked towards their potential and can provide evidence of this through examination and assessment outcomes. More importantly you need to leave Wingfield with references that demonstrate your ability to work hard, have a good record of attendance and punctuality and to be honest, reliable and trustworthy.

You need to support your own development and that of all others around you by adopting a positive approach to learning and a pro-active attitude to involvement in the wider experiences on offer at Wingfield. These include a range of other interest areas in the arts and sports, as examples. Student Voice activities are numerous and in Year 11 all are invited to apply for Senior Student Status.

Many of you can point to a range of successes already achieved or that are work in progress. We will work alongside you and your parents to ensure that these opportunities may grow and expand throughout your continuing experience at Wingfield Academy.

Curriculum Structure

Year 9

Hours/Week (25)

English 4 Language & Literature (where appropriate)
Maths 4
Science 4 Core & Additional \ Combined Science
Physical Education 2
Guided 1 3 Geography or History
Guided 2 3 Guided Subject
Guided 3 3
Religious Education 1
Personal Social & Health Education 1

Year 10

Hours/Week (25)

English 4 Language & Literature (where appropriate)
Maths 4
Science 5 Core & Additional / Combined Science
Physical Education 2
Guided 1 3 Geography or History
Guided 2 3
Guided 3 3
Social Moral Spiritual & Cultural 1 Combined PSHE / Citizenship / RE

Year 11

Hours/Week (25)

English 4 Language & Literature (where appropriate)
Maths 5
Science 5 Core & Additional
Physical Education 2
Guided 1 3 Geography or History
Guided 2 3
Guided 3 3

Curriculum Information

Core Subjects

Guided Subjects