GCSE Art and Design

Subject: Art and Design
Qualification Type: GCSE
Exam Board: AQA
Subject Leader: Ryan Braidley

Course Description

An ability to paint and draw or a desire to improve a basic ability through practise and effort. Two compulsory areas of study are SELF-PORTRAIT and COLLECTIONS. The self-portrait is an exciting project where pupils are asked to respond to art works of other artists and not only make work inspired by their own appearance but also their personality and quirkiness –  it’s a celebration of the pupil aged 14/15! The Collections project is based upon objects the pupil has or has gathered, which makes it very individual and personal. The observational drawings are developed into a final piece, usually with a strong element of pattern and like the portrait project you would study the work of other artists who have been inspired by collections of objects and their work should influence your own.  Both projects count towards the final G.C.S.E. grade and count for 60% of the final grade.

Assessment Format

The exam itself is a time controlled project based on a question that the pupils choose to base their work upon. For example the question may be based around images used in a festival from a different culture.
Include main skills / topic / areas of study / content in this description. This counts for 40% of the final grade. All the work that the pupils produce from the start to the end of the course is counts towards the final grade and is assessed in school by teachers and examiners. There are four assessment objectives and each assessment objective is worth up to 20 marks.

Work is marked on evidence of the following assessment objectives:

  • AO1 developing ideas through investigations informed by contextual and other sources, demonstrating analytical and cultural understanding.
  • AO2 refining ideas through experimenting and selecting appropriate resources, media, materials, techniques and processes
  • AO3 recording ideas, observations and insights relevant to your intentions in visual and/or other forms
  • AO4 presenting a personal, informed and meaningful response demonstrating analytical and critical understanding, realising intentions and, where appropriate, making connections between visual, written, oral or other elements.

Possible Progression (including careers and further education)

  • Creative media careers
  • Graphic designer
  • Product designer
  • Fashion designer
  • Architect
  • Art director
  • Photographer
  • Self employed artist
  • Art Teacher

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