GCSE History

Subject: History
Qualification Type: GCSE (1x)
Exam Board: AQA (Spec A)
Subject Leader: R Travis or R Evans

Course Description

The battle of Hastings, Nazi Soviet Pact, Weimar Republic, and the great plague – chose history to find out the who, what, where, when and why’s!

The History GCSE is based on important issues relating to you and your past.  It covers the history of Britain, Europe and the world in the 20th Century, from international and national perspectives.  Enquiry, investigation and interpretation are all skills which will be developed on this course and are key to your future too.

Britain Health and the People looks at things such as Disease and Infection, Surgery and Anatomy and Public Health.
It explores how the ideas and practices in the cause, prevention and cure of disease and infection have changed over time. Surgery and anatomy from the Medieval to Modern world war are looked into, with things like superstition and religion, chance and the role of the individual have changed medicine being studied too

One topic option explores the Normans how William the Conqueror invaded. You will study the battle of Hastings and other contenders to the throne. How Saxon England was settled and developed by Normans between 1066- 100. Conflict that resulted from new Norman methods such as the use of Castles and Cathedrals.

Finally you will study Germany and con flict from WW1 – WW2. Starting with the aftermath of the Treaty of Versailles, how Hitler rose to power and took control.  The invasion of Abyssinia, Manchuria and failure of the League of Nations. You will look at the role of individuals such as Hitler, Stalin and Chamberlain. There will be a focus on analysis and the reliability and validity of historical representations and source material is a key part of this GCSE.

Assessment Format

A combination of exams centred upon both essay writing and source analysis.

The units and weightings are: –

  • Britain Health and The People 25%
  • Weimar Germany and rise of Nazis 25%
  • Norman England 1066-1100 25%
  • Conflict 1918-1945 25%

Possible Progression (including careers and further education)

Jobs include clerical and administrative, museum and gallery curation are possibilities for GCSE History students. History is key in filtering information, supporting view points and developing critical thinking – important skills for many jobs.

Useful websites include


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