OCR Cambridge Nationals Level 1 & 2 ICT

Subject: ICT
Qualification Type: OCR Cabridge Nationals Level 1 and 2
Exam Board: OCR
Subject Leader: K. Pearce

Course Description

The OCR Cambridge Nationals are vocationally related qualifications that take an engaging, practical and inspiring approach to learning and assessment.
They’re industry relevant, geared to key sector requirements and very popular with schools and colleges because they suit such a broad range of learning styles and abilities.

There are four units on the course.

Unit 1 Understanding computer systems which is the theory unit, looking into hardware, software, internet safety, computer security, health and safety etc.  This is the exam unit where you sit a 60 minute exam based on the theory and a pre release case study set by the exam board.  This unit is then externally assessed by the exam board.

Unit 2 Using ICT create Business Solutions includes the use of all basic programmes such as word, publisher, excel and access to give you an opportunity to develop and demonstrate your skills in these areas. A scenario is followed for this work to get you ready for the assessment.  The task is set by the exam board and then assessed by your teacher and finally externally moderated by the exam board.

Unit 5 Creating an interactive product using multimedia components which is the design, creation and testing of an interactive multimedia product.  It uses a combination of different software to create the final product.   You will be given a client brief to follow to produce your work just like you would in business.

Unit 6 Creating Digital images builds on the knowledge and understanding from Unit 1 & 2.  On completion of this unit learners will be able to create a digital image that communicates the intended message effectively, meeting the client’s needs, and they will have extended their capability within the use of digital editing software packages.  Pupils will look at the powerful persuasion of images in society and ensure they are successful at meeting the client brief.

Assessment Format

Overall 75% of the course and final GCSE grade is based on coursework and 25% exam.

1 Unit is a written Exam paper based on the theory learned and applied in lesson which is worth 25% of your final GCSE grade.

3 Units are Controlled Assignments set by the exam board and completed in the computer room.  They are internally marked and standardised by your teachers and then externally moderated by the exam board.  These are worth 75% of your final GCSE grade.

Possible Progression

  • A Level: Electronics – ICT – Applied ICT – Computing
  • Apprenticeship Framework Levels 2 & 3
  • Diplomas / Principal Learning: Engineering Levels 2 & 3
  • Cambridge Technicals in IT: Levels 2 & 3