The literacy strategy at Wingfield Academy supports every student to develop confidence and excellence in all disciplines of the curriculum as they become fluent readers, writers, and talkers.

To deliver these goals, the strategy is divided into five complimentary strands:

  1. Reading
  2. Development of vocabulary
  3. Oracy and Talk
  4. Writing
  5. Adults modelling excellence

Primarily, the strategy recognises that reading is one of the core modes of accessing the curriculum.  As such, all staff are equipped to support students to develop reading fluency in the context of their subject discipline.  Indeed, the literacy strategy is a core part of the Academy’s Teaching and Learning Excellence model and there is a clarity that excellent learning and teaching are fundamentally underpinned by high-quality teaching of language and talk.

Beyond the core strategy of focusing on high-quality classroom practice, there are a range of other programmes and events that run across the Academic year.  As part of the curriculum, all children in Y7 and Y8 access the Accelerated Reader programme so that they not only develop confidence and fluency in reading, but also become independently able to think carefully about how they select material and books to read.  Reading is a core component of the tutor time offer and is supplemented by a relentless whole-school focus on language and words.  For example, a weekly whole-school programme around etymology supports students to develop the means with which to decode language and learn less-familiar words in a much more independent way.

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