Values and Ethos

Our Mission
Child centred, progress focused allowing our young people to grow and thrive
Our Vision

All students make good or better progress. No child is left behind.
To be in the top 5% of highest.performing secondary schools in the UK.

All teachers deliver at least good or better learning.
Passionate, hardworking teachers with a love for their subject inspire and motivate students to make outstanding progress.

All students are respectful, responsible and resilient.
Students are excited and inspired by the learning process. They show a genuine ‘thirst for knowledge’ and they demonstrate resilience even when learning is challenging. They are able to adapt new learning to deepen their knowledge and understanding.

High expectations for behaviour and clear, consistently embedded routines ensure a calm and orderly environment where student’s exemplary behaviour allows them to thrive.

Students trust staff and relationships between staff and students are positively strong.

All staff show unrivalled levels of care and support for young people and ‘going the extra mile’ is the norm.

All students in school feel safe, happy and are free from bullying and discrimination. We are a listening school.

All students have good attendance, they come on time and are punctual to lessons.

An inspiring, broad and balanced curriculum provides memorable learning experiences and suitably prepares students for the next stage of life.

Deliver an inclusive and equitable curriculum, irrelevant of students’ social disadvantage, which takes into account the unique needs and qualities of every young person; supporting them to grow in character, resilience and confidence.

Provide students with powerful knowledge to take action, whilst providing them with a bedrock of skills and habits to make their individual lives, society and the world better.

Promote Spiritual, moral, social, cultural, mental and physical development of pupils, and prepare them for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of later life.

Leadership provides a strong sense of direction and is relentless in its pursuit to improve the quality of education and experience for students.

High expectations of all students, linked to better outcomes for students permeates school culture and staffs day to day interactions with students.

Develop the workforce through continued professional development and taking into account workload and staff well-being.

Recruit and retain ambitious, hardworking, dedicated and well qualified staff

Become the ‘go to school’ for parents in our local area.

Make a quantifiable and powerful contribution to social mobility for our students.

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