The Board of Trustees

The Academy’s Board of Trustees represent the community served by the Academy and the wider community of Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council. Under the Education Act in 1986, the Trustees monitor the progress of the Academy and assist the Headteacher in the management and development of the Academy.


  • Mr G Barker
  • Mrs S Gladwin
  • Ms A Jaimeson
  • Ms M Smith
Clerk to the board of trustees
  • Mrs A Cook
  • Mrs S Gladwin – Chair of Trustees
  • Mrs A Pearson – Vice Chair
  • Mr P Davis – Ex-Officio
  • Ms G Brown
  • Mr N Davies
  • Ms J Harrop
  • Ms C Hartle
  • Mr M Richards
Safeguarding and SEND
  • Sue Gladwin
Finance Committee
  • Mrs S Gladwin
  • Mr P Davis
  • Mr A Winch (Business Manager)

About our Trustees

Mrs S Gladwin

Chair of the board of trustees


I am currently Chair of the Board  of Trustees  and have held this post for 10 years.  I have 3 grown up children and 2 grand-daughters.

Living in the local community helps me to know what young people in our area needs and work with the SLT to develop a curriculum that delivers this. I am currently employed as a SENCo in a Sheffield Primary Academy. Being a chair of governors is a key leadership role and is central to the effectiveness and accountability of the Academy.

As Chair I have developed a powerful governing body through working with the SLT to identify what the Academy needs and appointing governors with a variety of skills in order to ensure that this is carried out.

Mr P Davis

Headteacher & SLT Representative – Ex-Officio Trustee


I have worked at this Academy for the last ten years and I have seen its young people grow in confidence and act with real dignity. This has been hard won.  Wingfield is a very special place, its staff and students trust each other implicitly and the positive relationships nurtured here are a fundamental ingredient of what makes it so special.

Mrs A Cook

Clerk to the trustees


Mrs A Pearson



I’ve been a governor for 7 years, first as a parent governor when my sons attended Wingfield, and now as a co opted governor. I find it very rewarding and challenging. I work in the local community, so I come across a lot of the public.

When I’m not working I enjoy reading and going away in my caravan for long weekends.

Ms C Hartle



I have been a parent governor since February 2015. I applied for the role because I wanted to become more involved in my children’s education and having just completed an Honours Degree in the field I feel that I have knowledge and experience which will help me with the role.

I have four children. My eldest son left the Academy in 2015 and is currently studying at Thomas Rotherham college.  I have two other sons who currently attend the Academy and I also have a daughter who is six years old.

I am a Community Outreach worker for a Children’s Centre in Rotherham.  The role involves working with children and families in many different ways. The role can be quite challenging at times but it is also really rewarding.

Ms G Brown



I am a qualified Senior Youth Worker who works in the local community. I also live in the local area with my husband and 3 children. I do keep update with current changes and training relevant to my job role and my role as a governor.

I have recently been made parent representative for Greasbrough Youth my aim being to represent parents and children voices in the community.
I am very family orientated as well as a workaholic so time management is something I feel I am good at.
I am very much a people person and enjoy working in a community setting.

Mr N Davies



I have been a parent governor for the past 8 years, firstly Thorpe Heskley Infants and then Junior schools and more recently at Wingfield Academy where both my sons are students.

I am the Managing Director of a company which produces renewable energy from wind turbines and solar panels and also provided planning, design and engineering services to the private sector.

In my spare time I enjoy travelling, mountain sports and aviation interests with my family.

Ms J Harrop

Trustee – Staff Representative


This is my 3rd year of working at the Academy.  My role is Year 7 team leader and I am also part of the safeguarding team. As staff governor I have a close sense of daily life within the Academy so it is a privilege to be able to be part of the decision making processes which  influence positive change in striving to provide students with the best possible outcomes.