Common Calculation Policy

The Mission

As a Community of Schools we are committed to:

Wingfield Learning Community Partnership

  • All students making at least good progress.
  • No groups of young people underachieving.
  • All teachers delivering at least good learning.
  • All schools moving to, at least, the next level of improved performance.


This policy has been developed by members of the Wingfield Learning Community Partnership to promote a common approach to supporting young people in developing their skills, knowledge and understanding of numerical calculations.

Through this Common Calculation Policy we hope to inspire and engage all users to be more confident with numbers.

If you have a child in year 7 or 8 you should have received a copy of the Common Calculation Policy booklet and DVD. If you have not please get in touch with your child’s school to get a copy.Common Calculation Policy DVD

This booklet shows a variety of ways of working out different calculations and is designed to explain how some of the different methods of calculating are being taught. The methods may look different to those you are familier with but they show how your child is learning to calculate at school/college. Young people are encouraged to use the methods with which they are most familier.

We hope that you find the booklet and DVD useful in supporting your child make progress and achieve their full potential.