Independent Learning Tasks (ILT)

For this academic year we have made several changes to our Extended Learning Policy. Our aim is to provide clear opportunities for students to develop independent skills through a variety of extended learning tasks; which may include: consolidation of work in class; practice – learning by doing; drafting course work assignments; research, reading, interviews, drawing; using ICT and recording.

As a parent/carer you can expect your son/daughter to receive extended learning tasks on a week by week basis. The expectation for all students within the academy is as follows:

  • Core subjects: 1 piece per subject per week
  • Foundation subjects: 1 piece every two weeks from all subject areas
    • Geography
    • History
    • Integrated Studies
    • ICT
    • Modern Foreign Languages
    • Travel & Tourism
    • Childcare
    • Art
    • Design & Technology
    • Music
    • Performing Arts
    • Physical Education

All extended learning tasks will be recorded within student planners, with resources required and the expected due-in date; so that students can manage their time accordingly. We would be grateful if, as parents, you would provide us with information through the student planner or by contacting the academy directly regarding any problems your child is experiencing with an Extended Learning task.

Extended learning is not an optional extra, but is essential as part of a good education to ensure students can begin to learn outside of the timetabled curriculum. It contains an element of independent study in that it is not directly supervised by a teacher and we believe it is a significant step in raising student achievement.

The role of parents in aiding learning and a positive attitude to independent learning particularly, is a vital one in underpinning a child’s academic achievement and progress. Your commitment to ensuring your child meets deadlines and completes tasks to the best of his/her ability cannot be underestimated in securing your child’s success.