STAR Marking Policy

Marking and Assessment

All staff are expected to follow the Academy marking and assessment policy, this means that:

  • Staff will provide written feedback to students’ once every 3 weeks using the STAR marking policy (using academy stamps):
    • Strength -What student have done well? (subject specific-not generic comments e.g. good work) –
    • Target -What does the student need to do to make progress?
    • Attainment/progress -What is the student current level/progress?
    • Response –The students response-showing progress/new learning (green pen)
  • Staff will provide verbal feedback to students’ once every 2 weeks (using academy stamps)
    • Student will respond to all verbal feedback using a green pen
  • Staff and students will use subject specific dialogue/terminology during marking via strength and target. Students will respond to teacher feedback using appropriate subject specific terminology
  • All staff marking will be undertaken using purple pen
  • All student responses to feedback/assessment will be completed using green pen. For extended pieces of writing students will underline the completed target using green pen and ruler.
    • All student responses will be assessed and levelled according to progress
  • All extended learning tasks will be included in student work books, these will be sub-titled and dated and marked according to the policy outlined above

Presentation Policy

The Academy expects all students to present their work:

  • Using a black pen for writing
  • Using a pencil for drawing and pencil crayons for colour (no felt pens)
  • Using a ruler and pencil to underline all dates and titles
  • Using a green pen to respond to teacher marking and/or underline responses in extended pieces of writing using a green pen and ruler

Students will also:

  • Complete all ELT to the highest standard, demonstrating high quality independent learning
  • ELT’s will be dated, subtitled and underlined using a ruler and pencil

All student work books will have progress data updated at regular intervals to signpost to students current levels and progress to date.