Wingfield Academy Bus Service

Wingfield Academy runs a bus service via Marsland Travel every morning and afternoon. The cost per journey will be 80p this can be paid directly to the bus driver or alternatively you can pay for the full week/month via ParentPay (a pass will be issued at break time on a Monday if you pay via ParentPay).

Marsland Travel is a well-known reputable company with a vast amount of transportation knowledge. All the drivers have had the relevant DBS checks carried out, and MarslandTravel has provided the academy with the relevant assurances that their buses are safe to carry passengers and are road worthy.

A member of the Academy staff will meet and greet the students upon arrival at the Academy, and a member of staff will meet the students at the end of each day to ensure they are escorted to the bus.

If you require any further information regarding this service or have any queries relating to how to use ParentPay, please speak to a member of our finance team who will be happy to help.

An interactive map of the route can be found here

Morning pick up times:

  1. Kimberworth: Concorde View Road/Westhill bus stop Time (approximately) 7:35am.
  2. Old Wortley Road/Wortley Road bus stop Time (approx) 7:40am.
  3. Upper Wortley Road/ Droppingwell bus stop Time (approx) 7:45am.
  4. Upper Wortley Road/ Kepples Road bus stop Time (approx) 7:50am.
  5. Upper Wortley Road/ Kirkstead Abbey Mews Time (approx) 7:50am.
  6. Brook Hill/ Upper Wortley Road Time (approx) 7:55am.
  7. Brook Hill/ Hill side (opposite Horse and Tiger) Time (approx) 7:55am.
  8. Bus Terminus near the recreation ground Time (approx) 8:00am.
  9. Brook Hill (Horse and Tiger) Time (approx) 8:00am.
  10. Brook Hill Nursery Time (approx) 8:00am.
  11. Oaks Lane Time (approx) 8.05am

Afternoon drop off time:

The bus will depart from school at approximately 2.55pm, and drop students off in reverse order.

Travel Passes

The MegaTravel Pass allows children to travel for 80p per journey and is valid until the 31st July of the school year in which your child turns 16.

There is also a Zero Fare Pass for anyone who qualifies.

Unlimited travel

For frequent travellers there are various options which allow unlimited travel such as the GetAbout & GetAbout+ passes. Please be aware that these passes are not valid on the Wingfield Academy bus service.

Journey Planning

Travel South Yorkshire provide a Journey Planner to help your child navigate their way to the Academy. Another option is using Google Maps which can be used to plot a route using public transport.