Health & Wellbeing Event


Our annual Health and Wellbeing Event seems to be slowly gathering momentum, with attendance up by 150% on last year! We are very grateful to staff who gave freely and willingly of their time, ensuring valuable input from a wide range of services was available.  Agency representatives included those from: Bernardo’s, Early Help, Safe @ Last, Young People’s Counselling Service, CYPO, as well as members of the Wingfield Academy Safeguarding Team, who delivered sessions on Child Sexual Exploitation and E Safety.

It was decided that the carousel format of the event should be changed from previous years, to everyone being in the same room and hearing all of the presentations together. This was a risk, as the evening lasted for two hours and so it could have been that concentration, interest and comfort levels might have been adversely affected.  However, to our great delight, this was found to not be the case: The whole group remained engaged and involved and felt at ease enough with the situation to discuss difficult issues, ask questions and were willing to offer opinions and advice to others from beginning to end.

Although it was stated on the invitations that the event was targeted at adults, (due to the nature of some of the content covered, particularly in the CSE session,) we understand that child care arrangements can be impossible. Therefore, in order to cater for any children, a room was designated where they were suitably entertained by our Student Wellbeing Ambassadors and overseen by Wingfield’s Head of Inclusion.

The Academy’s Student Wellbeing Ambassadors were a delight!  They carried out many different roles admirably – from being child entertainers, meeting and greeting and providing refreshments, to giving explanations to the adult audience of their purpose and role. Their attitude and conduct were impeccable and their help invaluable.

Parental feedback about the evening:

  • “ That was ever so good.”
  • “ I thought the whole evening was really interesting and it’s weird to say this because some of the content was very serious, but I enjoyed it.”
  • “The information, particularly the CSE bit, really opened my eyes.”
  • “It’s always good to know that there is so much help available.”