Catch-up Premium (Literacy & Numeracy)

The literacy and numeracy catch-up premium gives schools additional funding to support year 7 pupils who achieved significantly below the ‘secondary ready’ score of 100 in reading or maths at the end of key stage 2 (KS2).

  • All state-funded schools with year 7 pupils receive this funding.
  • For 2017-2018 Wingfield Academy’s allocation was £11,161

2017/2018 Plan

In light of our analysis of the data in previous years, we allocated this funding
towards our specific intervention strategy to raise standards in reading and number.

The central focus for Y7s in Inclusion is the work carried out through our nurture provision. It is our aim that through smaller, more personalised learning that all students will be equipped with the basic skills and understanding to successfully achieve their potential which is why the majority of lessons focus on the over-learning of the basic skills e.g. multiplication and subtraction in maths or comprehension, sentence structures and language analysis in English.



Creation of small specific nurture groups in Y7 maths and English led by trained, specialised staff to develop competence and confidence in core skills. £5,500
Continued development of our Key Worker and Identified Adult initiative, meaning that all students on our Grids for Learning have an adult within school that they can speak to regarding issues around progress and well-being. £1,500
Renewed investment in the computer based dyslexia programme (IDL) which differentiates according to the student’s specific needs. It also tracks their progress and is accessible from any computer. £130
Appointment of Literacy coordinator to coordinate initiatives such as the Reading Partners Programme ( involving senior students) and Everyone can Read sessions. £3,125
Appointment of developing leader to develop strategies for engaging underachieving Y7 £1,250

Total Spending