Staff List

Senior Leadership Team


  • Mr P Davis

Deputy Headteacher (Student Standards)

  • Mrs K Wade

Deputy Headteacher (Professional Standards)

  • Miss C Wilkins

Assistant Headteacher (Behaviour and Standards)

  • Mr L Hill

Assistant Headteacher (Personal development)

  • Miss J O’Neill



Designated Safeguarding Lead

  • Mrs L Wootton Ashforth

Deputy Safeguarding Lead

  • Ms M Connolly

Curriculum Team Leaders/Lead Teacher

Director of English

  • Mr A Owen

Head of English

  • Miss K Hunter

Head of Maths

  • Miss T Saleh


  • Miss C Williams

Expressive Arts

  • Mrs K Broadhead


  • Miss R Travis

Religious Studies/ Careers

  • Mrs V Gregory


  • Mrs L Dunn

Modern Languages

  • Mrs O Murphy

Vocation Faculty (PE, Performing Arts, Music, I-Media, Computing)

  • Miss E King

Art, Design & Technology

  • Miss R Adamson


Heads of Year/Pastoral Leads

Head of  Year 7 –Mr M Lavender

Pastoral Support Y7 – Miss J Harrop

Head of Year 8 – Mr A Pyott

Pastoral Support Y8– Ms S Tresize

Head of Year 9 – Miss L Jones

Pastoral Support Y9 – Mr M Rowlands

Head of Year 10 – Miss R Stein

Pastoral Support Y10- Miss H Rodgers

Head of Year 11- Miss F McQuinn

Pastoral Support Y11– Miss K Newcombe


Teaching Support

Director of Inclusion

  • Miss L McKay

Supporting Learners with Low Incidence SEN and Children in Public Care

  • Mrs K Pearce, Mrs C Yule


Administrative Support

PA to Headteacher/Clerk to the Wingfield Advisory Board

  • Mrs A Cook

Business and Resources Manager

  • Mr A Winch

Timetable/Data Officer

  • Mr I Thompson

Exams Officer

  • Mrs M Holyhead

HR Officer

  • Mrs C Slater

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