This Week’s Football Fixtures

sports fixtures for this week are as follows:

Wednesday 3rd October

  • Year 8 Boys Football  v De Lacy Academy (H) 1st Round of ESFA Small Schools Cup (4pm)
  • Year 9 Boys Football v Maltby Academy (H) RSFA Friendly (3:45pm)

Thursday 4th October

  • Year 7 Boys  Football v Oakwood High School (H) 2nd Round of ESFA Cup (3:30pm)

Health, Safety and Welfare of Students

Dangerous Road Traffic Congestion – Wingfield Road

Dear Parent/Carer,

The Academy is gravely concerned with the dangerous and negligent behaviours of some parent/carers at the start and the end of the school day. Road traffic congestion has increased significantly and student safety is being severely compromised.

There is increased congestion due to larger numbers of students accessing the Academy due to its ever increasing positive reputation, the Academy operates a School Bus which transports out of catchment students to school and more parents/carers are choosing to drop children off directly adjacent to the school gates. This behaviour is both dangerous and negligent.

We are working closely with Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council and our Community Police Officers to ensure our students are able to access the Academy in complete safety.

Please Do Not:-

  • Park on the yellow diagonal lines at any point.
  • Drop students directly outside the school gate.

Please Do:-

  • Drop students off in a safe location, well away from the entrance to the school site.
  • Be considerate of the School Bus and designated parking location (outside the Keppel Public House).
  • Prioritise the safety of our school community by driving safety.

Please support the Academy in ensuring that no student receives significant harm or injury as a result of dangerous driving and the none observance of the Highway Code.

Yours sincerely,

Phil Davis (Headteacher)

Lindsay Wootton-Ashforth (Designated Safeguarding Lead)

Sports day Friday 13th July

Friday is our annual sports day. Students should be in full Wingfield PE kit and should arrive to the Academy in their PE kit.

The sports day will run throughout the day and finish at normal time. Students should attend form time as normal.

Students should be prepared for a hot day and should bring suncream, hats, sunglasses and water.