Screening, Searching, and Confiscation

Wingfield Academy follows closely the guidance from the DFE:

As stated in the Behaviour for Learning Policy the following items are banned from Wingfield Academy. This list is not exhaustive, and also includes any other item deemed an offensive weapon or that a person under 16 years should not be carrying:

  • Mobile Phones / MP3s/headphones/Personal game players/cameras (in lessons or corridors)
  • Hats or bandanas (except a plain woolly hat in very cold weather)
  • Non-regulation jewellery e.g. nose and tongue studs
  • Lighters, matches, cigarettes (including „e‟), tobacco etc.

Staff have the right to confiscate these items if seen and will have to be collected by a parent/carer. There are to be no mobile phones (confiscated for the day), MP3 players, earphones or similar (confiscated until Friday of that week) inside the school building for the duration of the school day. If a student does have a phone that they feel they need for before and after school, it should be switched off and placed at the bottom of a bag / zipped away in a coat pocket. There are to be no exceptions to this rule, and the rule extends to corridors as well as classrooms. The school is not responsible if items such as the above are lost or stolen. Where there are more serious concerns, the Headteacher, or other designated member of staff (MPR/SRS) may search a student, following the guidance below from the DfE:

“School staff can search a pupil for any item banned under the school rules, if the pupil agrees. Head teachers and staff authorised by them have a statutory power to search pupils or their possessions, without consent, where they suspect the pupil has certain prohibited items. The items that can be searched for under this power are knives or weapons, alcohol, illegal drugs and stolen items. School staff can seize any banned or prohibited item found as a result of a search or which they consider harmful or detrimental to school discipline.”

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