Careers Education, Information, Advice and Guidance

We will inspire and engage our students in planning their own career path and increase their motivation to aim high using labour market information and online guidance tools.

We will engage with a large number of employers and other organisations in a number of ways to give students real life experiences of the world of work. We will inspire students to achieve their maximum potential in order to give them access to opportunities they aspire to both academically and personally in relation to their future.

Your personal Careers Advisor is Joanne Sorby who is based within the Academy. Students can make an individual appointment to see her by either informing their form tutors or Year Team Leader. An individual appointment will then be made for them in school. They can also access support every lunchtime in the Careers Corner.


You can contact the careers team at any time using this web-form.

Student Entitlement:

Year 7

  • Raising aspirations for University. Access to inspiring individuals and organisations in school and at other establishments.
  • What Am I Like?
  • My Skills and Qualities.
  • Use Of Start an online careers resource.

Year 8

  • Why do people work?
  • Choosing subject options.
  • Decision Making
  • Use of Start an online careers resource.

Year 9

  • Different types of work.
  • Labour Market information
  • Use of Start an online careers resource.

Year 10

  • Qualification Levels
  • Job Applications
  • Apprenticeships
  • Interview Skills
  • Higher Education/Finance
  • CV writing workshops

Year 11

  • College Applications
  • Personal Statements
  • One to one guidance appointments

Measuring Impact

Gatsby benchmarks will be reviewed regularly throughout the academic year  to help us meet all of the 8 benchmarks by the end of 2020.

We will monitor the impact of our action plan and the CEIAG we deliver through feedback from students and staff. All activities will be reviewed to ensure all goals and aims are met.

Other useful careers websites include:

Information for parents

Investing in your Son / Daughter's Future

Research has consistently shown that parents and carers are the most influential factor in students' decisions about the future. Your support and encouragement influences their choices, and the guidance you provide will be invaluable to their eventual achievements and career pathways.

Here are some very simple and practical steps you can take to support your child in their decision making.

  • Talk to them about their current educational attainment and estimated grades and encourage them to aim high (the skills shortages in the future will be in higher level jobs).
  • Discuss where they want to be and research how to get there - check out the links above for ideas.
  • Encourage them to seek out the advice and experiences they need to help them achieve their goals.
  • Help them with the steps they need to take.

Together with a range of career professionals, businesses and training providers we will support your son's / daughter's career development in a number of ways including:

  • Information and discussion in lessons and assemblies to help them make decisions about their future.
  • Activities and events.
  • Access to careers advisers in a variety of ways including individual meetings, drop-in sessions, enrichment activities, parents and options evenings and on results day.
  • Careers information and computer-based programmes.
  • Information and updates on notice boards, screens and website.

You are welcome to attend your child's careers meetings and we encourage you to contact Wingfield Academy if you need any more help or information.


Wingfield Academy is seeking to form business partnerships to better prepare our students for the world of work and to support them in gaining the skills they, and businesses, need.

We are always on the lookout for employers who have ideas to support our students. If you think you and your business can help, them please get in touch.

How can a School / Business partnership support WIngfield Academy?

  • Bring real life careers context into the classroom;
  • Bring a better understanding of Labour and Careers Market Information;
  • Develop student skills;
  • Develop teachers knowledge of other careers through interacting with employers;
  • Reduce barriers for SEND, vulnerable & disadvantaged pupils;
  • Enhance academic learning across the curriculum, providing a deeper insight and understanding of the subject;

How can a School/Business partnership support local employers?

  • Allow you to identify, shape and develop your next generation of workers;
  • Give young people an idea of the variety of job and career opportunities that your business can provide;
  • Use school activities to enhance and develop the transferable skills of your own staff (e.g. organising, developing, leading, presenting);
  • Involve pupils in real-time, real-world activities that could benefit your business;
  • Test out / trial new products / services aimed at young consumers by creating focus groups in the school;

If you would like to help develop the employ-ability skills of our pupils as well as giving them an awareness of career roles, then please contact us.

Open Events at Local Colleges